5 Steps to Speak English Fluently

In this article, we will take a look at 5 very important steps for you to become fluent in English. If you still have a feeling like you are not fluent enough in English, these are the steps that should give a try in order to improve your English speaking skills.

People can read, write and understand English, but when it comes to speaking, it seems like they are in a big trouble. If you have the same problem with your speaking skills, don't be discouraged, this is a very common problem faced by many people for whom English is a 2nd language. 

So, in this article we have come up with 6 very important step that can fix this problem associated with your fluency in English. These are not just tips like learning English in 10 days or becoming fluent in English in just 10 days. Rather, these are the methods that can trust to become fluent in English. If you practice these steps thoroughly, then your fluency in English will improve significantly over time.

Step - 01 : Identify the problems

In order to fix a problem, you should actually identify what the problem is. 

- In this case, what makes it difficult for you to speak English fluently? 
Well, when you read or write in English, you have enough time to build up your thoughts and ideas. If you are reading this article on the web, you have lot of time to think about the contents and build up your mind accordingly. Let's say you are writing an essay, you have enough time to go around the world of your imagination. But, can you do the same while you are speaking? the answer is NO! This is the reason why you can't transfer your reading and writing skills into speaking skills. So, unlike reading and writing, you can't analyze the language while speaking. You really don't have time for it. 

- What can be the solution for this? 
The solutions is that you have to find a way to speak quickly and promptly. 

- How are you going to do this?
Here comes the most important part of this topic. You have to build a list of words and sentences (just like a database), which can be used in various situations. This is just like a soldier preparing his weapons to fight enemies in the battle field. The soldier must make sure that he possess all the weapons to fight against the enemies. Similarly, the idea here is to create your own list of sentences that can be spoken at events and situations that you may come across. You have to make sure that these sentences are lined up and stored in your memory, and ready to be used at any situation.

At the beginning, you can list out 1-2 situations that you have to face on a daily basis and go in search of sentences and words matching those situations. Then you can add more events and situations to the list and find out the appropriate sentences and words.

For example:
If you are studying, you can make a list of sentences that can be used at daily classroom activities including asking for permissions, asking questions on subjects and etc.

If you are working, you can make a list of sentences depending on your job role, such as talking to customers, responding to customer queries, talking to your superiors and etc.

Start today, do it until it become a habit, until you become fluent in English. Depending on the amount of effort you put on, you will see a significant improvement in your English speaking skills. In this way, you will become more confident and your English speaking skills will skyrocket.

Step - 02 : Try to be more causal and natural while speaking English

A casual discussion in English doesn't carry much formal words and sentence structures as a text book does. You can't speak English like the way you write an essay. There is a big difference. More often, people make this mistake of copying sentence structures from books and applying them into their speech. This is unnatural and would sound like reading of a book or a script. So, avoid doing this. When you are speaking natural, you will feel the comfort and you will be more confident on your speaking ability.

Step - 03 : Improve your pronunciation

English is a language where sometimes words doesn't sound like the way they are spelled. You have to learn speech sounds to improve your speaking skills as well as your hearing skills. A recent study has revealed that people who learnt pronunciation through speech sounds were more comfortable and confident with their ability to speak. You can simply go and search on YouTube to find lessons on speech sounds and pronunciations.

Step - 04 : Speak short and sweet

Make sure that you say what you want to say, but don't go much into detail if not necessary (I am not talking about speaking to the point). They way you speak should not make the other person feeling bored. Otherwise, the conversation might become boring and people would not like to listen to you anymore. This will have a negative effect on your level of confidence in speaking English.

Step - 05 : Getting away from the fear of English

It is said that White is just a colour and English is just language. People normally fear to speak in English. This is because they might have come across situations where they have been bullied or being an object of fun making. Remember, a machine comes into market after so many trial versions. Nobody is perfect in this world. Mistakes can happen. What matters is, are we ready to correct them? You can practice your speaking with your best friend, your teacher or actually record yourself and listen them back to correct any mistakes.

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